Friday, 6 May 2011

The Fading Actress

At one time it was thought that this report might be a post mortem, but the patient is still breathing…just. Analysis shows that the patient's precarious position was the result of many, often self-inflicted, blows over a prolonged period of time. So many poorly thought out decisions have led to physical and mental pain being inflicted and it may take a while to rebuild her life and return to full strength.

Probably of as much concern is the mental condition of those close to the patient, who had to witness such behaviour and the corresponding downturn in health, and we should monitor their continuing well being.  Many have already chosen to walk away from the patient, yet their ongoing support - however distressing it may be- is vital at this time.

Evidence points to the first blow being struck as long ago as January 2007. The patient, a long-standing familiar face but fleeting high flyer, had only recently returned to the premier spotlight. A decision was made to invest a relatively  considerable amount on cosmetic surgery in an attempt to preserve her top tier status, one she had fought so hard to re-establish.

Unfortunately, the surgeon used to undertake the significant task - a Mr N Warnock - lacked sufficient experience and skill to deal with such significant change. Much of the money was spent with little overall impact, leaving the patient disappointed  and a good league below the look she was aiming for.

At that point the patient sacked Mr Warnock, when actually the simpler, minor reconstructive surgery that would have been required was more his speciality. Instead the patient decided a more world renowned, "name" surgeon was required. However the only candidate she met with had seen his best days behind him and in a slightly different and more practical field.

It was also around this time that the patient was fortunate enough to come into significant compensation. Although many saw Mr Warnock to blame for her fall from grace, he was relieved to see that his professional standing suffered only minor damage, as some of the blame for his failings was successfully deflected onto others.

Friends of the patient quickly became concerned, as the patient threw more money at reconstruction than necessary. Some of which might have been better spent back in January. Money that Mr Robson (the unanimous choice as surgeon, from a short list of one)  was spending with carefree abandon.

It took  prolonged prompting and protestation from her friends before the patient realised that they were chasing a dream that was not to be realised with the existing strategy. That, despite protests to the contrary from Mr Robson, he was in fact only making the situation worse. His dour demeanour gave little hope that he could put right his failings.

It was during this time that, prompted by her sugar daddy, the patient decided to look at other ways to make money, to finance the pursuit of fame and success.  The first of these was a decision to travel the World. Quite public relationships were sought as she felt that these friendships were going to be profitable both emotionally in the short term and financially in the long term. After all, an international jetsetter presents a  more positive look for potential suitors. Unfortunately, over time, these relationships unravelled as it was revealed that the patient was being strung along by these new partners and incurring significant financial losses.

She also invested in properties, however this was to prove to be poor timing, just before the property crash. All in all, these proved more of a deterrent to potential suitors than an enticement and her sugar daddy suffered alongside her.

At such a distressing time, she took succour in a common sense talking to from a direct, straight talking psychologist, a Mr Blackwell. His strategy was simple; to  first stabilise the patient and then help them acknowledge there was a more direct route to achieve the desired outcome. The end product might not be as pretty, but it was hoped that it would be effective.

Within 18 months Mr Blackwell came close to delivering what the patient needed, but was unable to push the patient that final step. Following his "failure", the cracks in the working relationship between Mr Blackwell and the patient became more apparent and Mr Blackwell broke down on live television, questioning his own ability to do the job asked of him.

Following the fall from the spotlight, income streams had started to dry up for the patient. Year on year the extravagances were being reigned in, only for monies to be splurged in other ways. Despite this, they continued to work together, although Mr Blackwell expressed doubts about what he could achieve on a much tighter budget. He was right to be concerned, as he was unable to repeat or better his earlier near success.

It was also around this time, that the patient started making passing acquaintance with a number of supposedly top level "players" on the scene, in a desperate attempt to pull herself back into the spotlight. These did little to help her situation, only around fleetingly they spent large sums of her money and did little to improve her standing. Despite reassuring her friends that she would not continue with such behaviour, these relationships have continued over the last 12 months. Alongside this others have hung around more permanently, content to receive financial support, often whilst recuperating, yet giving her little in return. The financial and emotional bruising from these encounters have left the patient at her lowest ebb for some time.

Back in August last year, the patient took the surprising step of ceasing to use  Mr Blackwell's services. Surprising in that it had been expected much earlier and the timing, shortly after Mr Blackwell had invested her money in new ideas and resources, could only be to her detriment.

Not unexpectedly, given the timing, she took a chance with Mr Blackwell's young understudy, his media popularity attracted her in the same way Mr Robson had previously. It was hoped that the experience of working alongside Mr Blackwell and many of his more illustrious contemporaries would hold Mr Speed in good stead.

Unfortunately very little improvement was made and Mr Speed soon sought better paid work, in a more stable environment, where the likelihood of failure was halfway expected and he was less likely to be sacked. A Mr Carver briefly stood in, but next the patient sought the counsel of a self-confessed, boyhood fan. This had (briefly) worked well for her before and she believed it might just be the impetus she needed to move onwards and upwards once more.

Unfortunately Mr Adams' methods rankled with those she relied upon and he struggled to get the required results for some time. Her self-confidence plummeted and may friends questioned the apparent passion he, this so-called fan, displayed for her when talking in public.

So what now for the patient? A small injection of youth started to have a revitalising effect recently, but it was too late to prevent a set back that had been apparent for a while. Further injections of youth are most probably the way forward.

Estimates of potential rehabilitation time vary. It depends how much experience the patient holds on to, in order to combine with the youth and energise an aching body. With the patient spending beyond their means for so long, financial hardship is likely. With close friends, of many years standing, walking away and her sugar daddy unable to financially support her whims, the ability to spend her way back to that better place is not going to be possible.

A tough and painful rehabilitation is ahead. The patient needs to be patient. Friends might also need to hold back on their ambitions, as the patient should not try to walk before she can run. She is now operating in a new tougher environment, where she may be viewed as a big fish in a small pond and with confidence and strength knocked out of her. There may be more physical and mental blows ahead and a full rehabilitation is by no means a certainty.

Postscript 10th April 2011:

Just days after compiling this report, the patient's sugar daddy pulled the plug on funding the treatment provided by Mr Adams. Friends are increasingly worried about her mental state, as short term decision making upon a litany of previous short term decisions is leaving her increasingly confused and illogical. They all know she has to be stabilised quickly, but there is little concensus as to how to do it. Sad days....

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