Sunday, 1 April 2012

Competition to win Five United Views

Today A United View on Football reached 50,000 page views. I am dead chuffed. When I started this blog I didn't quite know what might happen, where it would lead and when it would end. I was delighted when it reached one year old in August and I am just as pleased now.

To celebrate so many people reading my blatherings I have a little competition. Without any ads or sponsors the prize is of my own making and providing, but it fits quite nicely with the blog name.

There are three sets of high quality art cards to win. Each set of 5 cards depicting "A United View" and are pictures I have taken. Apologies to those non-Blades supporting readers/supporters of the blog, hopefully it will not deter you from entering. The pictures used are below and the question can be answered by reading a post on the blog. 

QUESTION: In the post One Word Season: Anatomy of a Relegation what was the word most commonly used by Blades fans to describe last season's relegation? (The largest word in the Cloud)

Email answers with your details to by Saturday 7th April.

Good Luck!

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