Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Blades 12 Days of Christmas

In the 12 months to Christmas United gave to me......

12 months of emotion

11 games unbeaten 

10 consecutive wins

9 FA Cup games

8 Tartan Army 

7 remaining Porter masks

6 minute comeback

5 League Cup ties

4 vanquished Premier League teams

3 patrons resigning

2 bearded full backs

And a spontaneous standing ovation at Wembley.

A Merry Christmas to all who have read and supported A United View in 2014. It has been full of ups and downs - writing about the Blades is a bit like supporting them.

Things have been quiet on here recently, but there will be an end of year post next week. Until then, here's to good times and three points on Boxing Day.

Up the Blades

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