Thursday, 3 March 2016

What Have We Become?

With huge and humble apologies to fellow Blade PD Heaton and J Abbott.

What have we become?
Trips to Fleetwood but not Leeds Scum,
Five dire seasons stuck in League One
That's what we've become

What have we become?
Still there in numbers, but a disgruntled hum
Apart from when there's a song to be sung
Or players' egos stung

Strategies change, so many bad decisions
You have to question if there is a long term vision
Managers depart, the poor players stay
Just what is The Blades Way?

And it's awful after awful after awful, there's no great
We're stuck in a rut and we've forgotten to hate
Lacking heart, no shape to our play
Permanently in a malaise

What have we become?
Rivals retain their stars, but ours have gone
A squad too large for the club to fund
Some should be long gone

What have we become?
Money spurned, investment long gone
Bad decisions from everyone
No more spin to be spun

And it's awful after awful after awful, there's no great
Our dugouts are nice and out pitch looks oreyt
And we have to look back to admire the greats
Stranded in a malaise

And you'll actually love our club less
As they stumble from one disaster to a complete mess
A future that feels like it's laden with doom
The tide has got to turn soon

And it's awful after awful after awful, there's no great
Players do drugs, they assault and they rape
No new heroes for young fans to praise
Discipline long gone away

Stuck in malaise
Stuck in malaise
Stuck in malaise

And here's the original to enjoy, or sing along to.
What Have We Become - Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott


  1. I think this is terrible. So negative. Even in the good times under Bassett and Warnock there were people moaning and criticising the style of play, slagging the manager, the board and the tea lady. I'm afraid 20-odd years on the Kop got to me in the end as it's obviously a cauldron of negativity. These verses epitomise that with the low point being the line that virtually accuses all professional football players of being rapists.

    While I was adoring Keith Edwards, Colin Morris, Peter Beagrie, Simon Tracey and Tony Agana older people were saying these weren't worthy of lacing the boots of Currie and Woodward. Well they were and I am sure the next generation of heroes are still being made even though the author of those lyrics is unaware because may be they have lost the magic.

    True Blades know that it doesn't really matter what division you are in or which style of play is the "the right way to play football". It's the stories that build up as you follow them and the friendships you make.

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