Monday, 27 November 2017

The Art of the Nutmeg - Competition

Football artists The Art of Football are building up a nice portfolio of football's classic moments, with their designs gracing a range of prints, t shirts and sweatshirts.

I have one of their t shirts with the iconic image of Deano hanging in the air, scoring that first Premier League goal against Manchester United. The design is striking and the quality of the garment is fab.

Their full range of Blades related designs can be found here: 

The latest addition "Megs" features David Brooks' wonderful nutmeg of Jack Hunt at Hillsborough. 

Now you can win a print of Megs (the print, not the Ginger Pig) by answering a simple question. As well as football, A United View loves good music so to be in the Magic Hat to win the print answer the following question:

Blades fans sing about Brooks tearing apart the opposition. Which band wrote and performed the song on which the chant is based?

Answers to by next Monday 4th December.

Good Luck.

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