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Back in August 2010 I started A United View thanks to a long-standing interest in football and writing. It was my outlet to comment on issues that mattered to me in the beautiful and (sometimes) not so beautiful game.

Be it players, issues, financial management, A United View was there to offer a viewpoint, often with what a fellow blogger described as "a delicious red and white tinge". Every so often I threw in a post about my footballing love - Sheffield United, but that was not what "A United View" was wholly about.

I may not have been the first on an issue, family and work came first - they still do, and others may offer a more eloquent view. Many is the time I think I'll write about that, only for others to write something along similar lines in the meantime. Que sera sera.

Over time the Sheffield United related content increased, filling what I perceived to be a Sheffield United shaped gap in the blogosphere. As it increasingly took over, I was delighted to be recognised as the Best Club Blog in the football league site The Two Unfortunates' 2011-12 awards and also make the shortlist for Best Blogger in the FSF Awards 2012.

As the number of bloggers and other sites increased, so did my other commitments and A United View became a site for irregular posts when the time was right and I could do myself, my writing and the subject justice.

In the Summer of 2018 A United View returned with a collective of Blades fans and writers joining me to offer Game by Game reviews interspersed with the odd opinion piece from me.

Thanks for reading. 

About Me

A Sheffield United fan and a football fan in general. I went to my first game aged 4 and have had a season ticket for the last 28 years.

I did some writing for Blades fanzine "Flashing Blade" a long time ago and contributed a couple of pieces to the now defunct South Yorkshire football magazine The First E11even. That reignited my interest in football writing, I then wrote a piece for the Sheffield United matchday programme and started the blog.

Alongside AUV I've contributed to When Saturday Comes magazine, World Soccer's season preview magazines since 2012 along with other club's matchday programmes. I have also written a chapter for the anthology of football writing, Falling for Football and an excerpt for The Agony & The Ecstasy: A Comprehensive History Of The Football League Play-Offs.