Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A United View on the iPhone

Right, how many of you own an iPhone?.......*scans the room*

Good, lots of you.

How many of you with an iPhone read A United View?

*despondently notes a vast majority of hands falling to their owner's side*

Okay, for the few of you left, you can now get the A United View app on your apple tech and here is how:

1. Download the FREE bloapp from itunes.

2. Then scan the QR code above, or just search in the app for A United View

3. Voila! A United View will be added to your bookmarks and you will be able to access all the latest Dislikable XIs and plenty of other posts old and new. 

4. Why not look for your other favourite football blogs there. I've got Footysphere and Gib Football Show already bookmarked.

Go on...you know you want to make a sad, (nearly) middle-aged man a bit happier.

Thank you

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