Thursday, 2 June 2011

One Word Season - An Anatomy of a Relegation

As promised here is the #onewordseason responses from Blades on twitter and Sheffield United fan site/forum

Apologies for any offence caused by the language but I want to display everything suggested, there are some phrases that may need looking up on urban dictionary, some from the playground that I haven't heard in years and some that show you need to create a new word when one just wont do. Each expresses the upset and angst of an unexpected (well it was at the start of the season) relegation.

A certain defender loaned from Sunderland gets a mention, as do 2 of the 3 permanent managers.  

A certain night at Scunthorpe that is described here is referred to.

I hope that Unbouncebackabilityness is not going to be used next season.

Maybe to be McCabed might become standard football parlance in time?

Zemblanity...well I had to look that up. For those who can't be bothered looking - it is a word used in William Boyd's novel 'Armadillo' and is the opoosite of serendipity.

Overall what sticks out is the depressing inevitability of relegation. Roll on next season.

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  1. Love this! My favourite word...Capabilityblown!

    Sums it up's to next season!