Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Dislikable XI - Number 7 (Phil Lupton)

When I started this series I immediately got a good response from fellow bloggers. What was just as pleasing was the response from your everyday matchday suporter, just wanting to vent their spleen.

For Dislikable XI number 7, I welcome Phil Lupton who has 40 plus years supporting Oxford United to draw upon. He has seen them play up and down the leagues (from Old Trafford and Wembley down to Ebbsfleet, Grays and Histon and he hopes to seem them back up again). Unsurprisingly his XI appear in the kit of Swindon Town.

Goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar
A circus clown who insisted on, hilariously, walking on his hands to celebrate victories. Quick to blame all and sundry for goals scored against him, nothing was ever his fault.

Right Back John Devine
I watched him live week-after-week at Highbury and never saw him make a single tackle. Truly the all-around modern full-back.

Left-Back Frank Clark
Where do I start? His dour exterior? The only man managed by Brian Clough never to have been capped by his country (well almost)? An ordinary guy carried by the rest of his team-mates to un-earned team glory. Proved to be an equally dour manager.

Centre-Back Gary Ablett 
A leading nominee for the least talented player to win a League and Cup double - oh and the squarest shoulders!

Centre-Back Richard Dunne 
He scores own-goals for fun. He has the turning-circle of an arctic truck, the speed of a tortoise and the body-shape of a shot-putter.

Inexplicably loved by his own fans no matter how many mistakes and how many "unlucky" own-goals he racks up for club and adopted country.

Midfield Gareth Barry
Surely the slowest midfielder ever to play in the World Cup. The reason he is that modern curse - a holding midfielder - is that he isn't quick enough to get up and down the field, as ruthlessly exposed in South Africa.

Add to that his Judas-like contempt for the Villa fans when he wanted to leave for loads more money and he has done enough to bag his place in my team.

Midfield Graham Rix.
A poor-man's Liam Brady for Arsenal, and a poor-man's Glenn Hoddle for England and North London generally. Missed penalty in penalty shoot-out, never bothered to run to the byline to get a cross-in, extreme haircuts, ineffective England efforts and rubbish manager career - yet still inexplicably fondly remembered

Midfield Don Rodgers
Surely the most overweight winger ever to pull on a professional soccer shirt, or a Swindon one anyway.

Striker Rodney Marsh
He was blessed with skill, he just never thought to use any of it on behalf of any of the team he played for be it QPR, Man City or England. Shouted like a girl and tumbled to the turf at the first sign of physical attention from defenders. Loved posing both on and off the pitch.

Striker Kevin Davies
He routinely commits more fouls than anyone else in the League, and that includes the defenders. More prized for the use of his backside than his feet. How did he win an England cap?

Striker Nicolas Anelka
Spoilt-brat striker who played for plenty of good teams - but never played for the team. Always looking for a reason to sulk or strike (by withdrawing his labour and not shooting at goal!)

Manager Kevin Keegan
Tactics - what tactics? Wears his heart on his sleeve, but not a clue how to transfer that passion to any of his charges, and clueless on tactics or team-play. Walks away at the first sign of trouble.....

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